Capri Photo Shop

Like countless other travellers who visit Capri each year, I too was immediately captivated by the natural beauty that abounds on the island. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the crystal clear aquamarine waters, the dramatic limestone cliffs, blooming colourful Mediterranean flora and the picturesque cobblestone laneways filled with Italian charm.

My husband, local Caprese Gianluca D’Esposito, jokes that after 8 years living on the island year round, I’ll always be a tourist in Capri. I take my camera with me everywhere and find something spectacular to photograph on every walk on every corner of the island. I enjoy taking photos in each season although particularly in Winter and Fall as I feel privileged to experience Capri when few other travellers make the journey as it turns from an international busy Summer resort to a small, local remote island.

While I love to share my photography and perspective with our social community on Facebook and Instagram, my personal collection of photos goes far beyond these forums. While I’m not a professional or trained photographer, Gianluca has spent a small fortune purchasing Canon and Nikon cameras so I can pursue my passion and I’ve now collated a collection of Caprese images that you can bring into your casas.


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