Michel'angelo Pomodorini

Quality, rich, sweet and juicy “pomodorini” (tomatoes) are a staple in Southern Italian cuisine. The warm, sunny climate during the Summer months and the fertile, nutritious soil is ideal to cultivate these specialty variety tomatoes. Grown in a certified biological (organic) family run farm located in country side Avellino approximately an hour drive from Napoli, matured naturally without pesticides or fertilizers, harvested by hand and bottled with no preservatives, thickeners or dyes.

Gianluca and Holly, the owners of Ristorante Michel’angelo, regularly visit the farm and the tomatoes are produced for Michel’angelo for cooking in both our restaurant kitchen and our cooking school. Now we want to share them beyond our kitchen and into yours.

Datterini (meaning “little dates”) tomatoes, named by their sweetness and petite and datelike shape are juicy and perfect for dishes made with cooked tomato sauces; quick, easy and fuss free. Flavoursome and delicate, they add an instant Italian aroma to any kitchen. All three pomodorini varieties are perfect for pasta sauces, pizza toppings, fish dishes, meats and baked primi piatti such as Parmigiana di Melanzane and with three different varieties, your kitchen will be well stocked to prepare a range of authentic Italian recipes wherever you may be in the world.


All bottles are 570 grams
Pomodoro a filetti
Organic rich and delicious Southern Italian tomatoes peeled and bottled in their juices. Perfect for quick pasta meals.
Salsa di Pomodoro
Bottled pureed small juicy organic Southern Italian tomatoes. A kitchen essential for cooking your Italian cuisine favourites.
Salsa di Pomodoro e Datterini
Rich and delicious organic Datterini tomatoes peeled and bottled with juicy pureed Southern Italian tomatoes. Quick and easy solution for making Ravioli Capresi sauce.


Pomodorini Pack A
6 pack (2 of each variety or select your preference)
€80 €105 €100
Pomodorini Pack B
12 pack (4 of each variety or select your preference)
€150 €190 €180


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