Faraglioni Pack

Private Consultation Suggestions

The private consultation may be utilised in any of the following ways:

Troubleshooting Advice

  • Was there something that didn’t work out when you cooked the recipe at home?
  • Did you need to substitute an ingredient or would you like to tailor a recipe to suit your dietary preferences?
  • Do you want to discuss different product options and dietary requirements i.e. gluten free or vegan options?
  • Do you want to discuss any family secret short cuts or different methods?

Step by step tutorial

  • Gianluca can provide live professional guidance while you are cooking a recipe of your choice (or part of a recipe/s) in your kitchen; or
  • Gianluca can provide you with a live demonstration of your chosen recipe (or part of a recipe/s) in our cooking class kitchen in Capri.

Historical food history

  • Would you like to know the history of a particular dish?
  • Would you like to know about how local produce is grown to use in your cooking?
  • Would you like to know about wine/liqueur pairing with your Caprese recipes?

A combination of the above subject to time restrictions.

If you prefer to utilise your conference time via email rather than a live session, we can also respond to your queries in this way.

Your Interactive Caprese Cookbook purchase also provides you with a 5% discount on advertised price of delivery of any of our Michel’angelo Product packages.

We can also tailor Ingredient Packs which can be delivered to your door (subject to local laws and shipping guidelines) for your chosen recipes.

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