Capri Sostenibile Gift Packs

If you are looking to support small environmentally friendly businesses this year, we have a number of gift packs including products that are ecological, vegan, certified organic and 100% made in Italy. 

From our Michel’angelo certified organic extra virgin olive oil, pomodorini sauces and sott’olio vegetables to SUSSO beeswax wraps and the La Saponaria range of biologico personal hygiene products such as soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, you can choose one of our set packs or of course, contact us to tailor your own. 

Our gift packs are “wrapped” in a resusable organic cotton fruit/vegetable bag and are sure to be a gift giving hit that also supports both small business and our planet!

Click HERE to order your organic pack/s and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @caprisostenibile!

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